I went to NB in October 2015 which was my fifth treatment facility and this place changed my life. I had been through countless detoxes and they were able to make my detox off methodone as comfortable as it could possibly be. Most importantly they instilled the importance of spirituality and a twelve step program that would ensure my sobriety. Something that really meant a lot was the staff was very loving, compassionate, but also gave structure that I needed at the time. I have say to Mr. Pete who drove us to meetings was my favorite and I will forever carry the words of wisdom and knowledge he shared with love with me!!!

Amy W

Trapped in an endless cycle of emotional and physical torment from my addiction; I finally realized I needed help and was finally willing to seek out that help. New Beginnings was an awesome starting point. Very friendly and caring staff. They don't just provide a vacation from your addict, they point you in the direction of a long term solution. They have the medical and counseling experience to give you a fresh start. Very glad that this was my first stop on my way to recovery. I highly recommend their services.

John H

I have a family member that works there and she is kind compassionate, and very dedicated. She is very sympathetic, and understanding.

Kathleen C

New Beginnings gave the love of my life a new beginning at a sober life. The staff is awesome and are always happy to talk to the family, even if you call 45 times in 35 days, they encourage it. I am so grateful for the time and encouraging words they spent with us and how great everyone is with the patients/residents there. I was blessed to be able to attend all visitations, meetings, and counseling sessions. I highly recommend this amazing staff and facility to anyone that struggles with this disease. You are not alone and there is hope.

Kelly H

I have a deep appreciation for New Beginnings. This Peaceful and Spiritual place has help change so many lives. Including two of my family members and my best friend's son. I am so proud to be associated with a place where lives really matter and so do the families.

Kelly L

This place really changed my life. I could not do it By myself I thought A A and rehab was a joke and a cult. Boy was I wrong. It's changed my life my perspective on life and my family life. I found myself. Truly taught me how to live. The couselers are amazing especially Mrs Renae and Jessica they really have taught me how to deal with life on life tes and I can always come to them when I need some advice. The nurse staff is amazing and caring along with one of the best ever Doctors in medicine I would say thanks Dr Jones. And thanks to Jeremy and all the RAs. Thanks Frank also for the encouragement and talks that I needed when needed. THIS IS AN AMAZING PLACE TO GET THE TOOLS TO START YOUR RECOVERY!!!! THANKS!!!

Eric S

Fantastic place. I highly recommend.

Aaron A

Everyone is really kind and there is a very nice environment!

Corbet D

Friendly atmosphere. Nice people.

Geoffrey C

Great staff who truly care!!

Blaine T

This place is like no other

Sarah A

My personal experience at New Beginnings has been amazing. I have learned so much about myself and have been able to let go of all the stuff that has been keeping me sick and in my addiction for so long. Coming through this program has been the most rewarding and best thing that I could have done. I would recommend New Beginnings to anyone who is ready to change their way of life.

Elizabeth S.

New Beginnings is a very nice facility in SWLA. The staff is friendly and professional and there are medical personnel in the building 24/7 to provide care no matter what the need. There are also multiple licensed counselors who genuinely care about each and every patient. The road to recovery is easy to find at New Beginnings and my stay truly turned my life around.

Bryan E.

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